Thursday, 23 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 8 weigh in....

Wow nearly 2 months have passed since I took up the Slimavite plan and it really is flying past.

The 2 Slimavite meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch and one 'standard' meal has become second nature now and compared to the days when I never ate anything before 4pm in the afternoon I feel better for eating a more balanced amount of meals rather than one big calorie laden meal in the evening and then starve again for 24 hours - not healthy!

I have cut down on the unhealthy foods I craved when I was pregnant:

and I now have the 2 shakes and plenty more of this:
I have rekindled my love of fruit
I had forgotton just how much I enjoyed eating fruit and vegetables and this plan has helped rekindle that which is a real plus.

So up til now in 7 weeks I had lost 1 stone and 10 lbs and weighed 14 stone 9lbs and after this week I weigh 14 stone 8 lbs, so a 1lb loss this week. Total loss in 8 weeks = 1st 11 lbs

With going to Cybermummy this weekend and perhaps not being able to get access to milk for my shakes I am realistic that it may be difficult.  I have already booked a meal out tomorrow night with some of the other lovely bloggers attending the conference and although I have ordered pizza for my main meal (going to an Italian) I have ordered fresh fruit salad for my pudding.  I am determined that although it is not the ideal situation, I will not give in to too much temptation and make sensible choices with what is on offer.

I hope this will see me in good stead for next weeks weigh in.

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