Thursday, 16 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 7 weigh in....

So it's Thursday and that only means one thing in my house at the moment - Slimavite weigh in day....

I don't think I have ever dreaded a weigh in which says a lot to me.  It means I don't feel the need to cheat, miss out or that I am going hungry and each week I am hopeful for what the scales will say and for the week ahead.
When I started the Slimavite plan my BMI (body mass index) was estimated at 37.9 which is well above the target BMI of 29.1 and showed the work that was ahead of me.  Today my estimated BMI was 34.2 so I can already see a good decrease in that which is motivating.

Last week I weighed in at 14st 12 lbs so the weight is definitely dropping and my jeans feel better although I am not wanting to buy a smaller size in case they are a little tight and this demotivates me - they will have to do until I feel ready to take that challenge.

So this morning I weighed 14st 9lbs so again this week that's a 3lb loss.  Total weight loss in 7 weeks is 1st and 10lbs which I am really pleased about.  Let's hope next week is as good... Thanks Slimavite!