Thursday, 9 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 6 weigh in....

I can't believe I have been following the Slimavite plan for 6 weeks now.  It has gone by really fast and thinking back I can only remember feeling peckish once or twice which was soon sorted out with a quick piece of fruit.

Eating fruit is encouraged on the plan as well as your replacement shakes and a healthy meal - salad (without dressing) is also fine so there's plenty of choices to help keep you feeling full and eating healthily.

After the dissappointed of only losing 1 lb last week after I decided it was a good idea to eat high fat foods and then sweets and more rubbish on top I made sure I was following the plan to the letter this week.  No rubbish, just everything the Slimavite Bite Plan suggests.

Last week I weighed 15st 3lbs and this week I weighed in at 14st 12lbs so that is an amazing 5lbs this week! I am so pleased with myself and it just shows what can be acheived with a little willpower and a plan!!

All in all I have lost 1st 6lbs in 6 weeks and my clothes already feel better and I am feeling less self concious about people thinking why haven't I lost my post baby weight yet. In my opinion it took 9 months to put it on so losing it will not happen overnight  but with this plan I know the goal is possible.

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