Friday, 3 June 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 5 weigh in....

So here I am at the week 5 weigh in of my Slimavite weight loss plan.

Having 2 milkshakes instead of breakfast and lunch has become so normal to me now and I honestly rarely feel hungry in between these and if I do I opt for a piece of fruit.

Slimavite replacement shakes
As this week is Half-term, eldest son is home which is fantastic! He arrived on Tuesday and after collecting him from the station I decide to stop on the way home for a drink - then some strange compulsion takes over.  I change the drink to "Let's have something to eat" and even more stupidly let's forget the plan and eat like it's going out of fashion!!!

I even decided to have a takeaway that night as I had already 'ruined' the day.  This is sadly like my old behaviour and proves to me that a lot to do with weight loss is psychological and about positive thinking, mind over matter etc.  I really must not allow myself to be tempted - I just feel frustrated with myself afterwards.

Anyway the next day I was right back on it and so was pleased with a 1lb loss this week so that takes me to 15st 3lbs.

 In 5 weeks I have lost - even with my lack of self control for one day - 1st and 1lb which is really fantastic.

I hope to see what I could have lost this week perhaps show next week - fingers crossed!