Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Top 5 men....

I caught an old Kate Takes 5 Listography and although I didn't join in at the time wanted to come up with my Top 5 men that, should I meet them, would happily have a coffee with...

Jason Statham

Now I have mentioned the gorgeous Jason before.  Not sure what I love more about him the looks or the cockney style accent. A man that makes me feel gooey inside for sure.

Dave Grohl

This mans personality on camera is just so attractive and he is pretty good looking to - yes please!

Jared Leto

Love this shot and love a man that's not scared to wear eyeliner!  I am sensing a rock theme also emerging in my choices...


But only in his younger days before surgery.  Based on a purely spectacular set of muscles - so shallow!

Dustin Hoffman

A man I think has just got better with age! I absolutely loved in in 'Meet The Fockers' Hell it's my list....

So not a fair haired, blue eyed man in sight.  Tall (not in all cases eh Dustin) dark and handsome is how I like them.

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