Thursday, 9 June 2011's here! Teething!

After months of anticipation a tiny white speck has erupted through Little Mans bottom gum - the start of his first tooth!

My baby is transforming into a little boy before my eyes and there is nothing I can do about it. Little Man is my fourth child.  He has been a perfect baby should such a thing exist and although he does things in his own time (still not weaned, can't sit up for very long) he is a delight each and every day.

10 minutes old, 12 days late and weighing 10lb 13oz
I so wish I could freeze the days since Little Man has been born so I can remember every moment in perfect detail as I have already forgotten so much from when the older children were this small.

I had forgotten the way baby love to talk to inanimate items like dummies, baby wipes and their own fingers.

I had forgotten how babies love anything that's yours - car keys, remote controls and hair!

I had forgotten how you can feel such overwhelming love for someone you have just met for the first time and already know that you would put this tiny person before everything and anything to ensure they were happy - it's been the same for all 4 children but having Little Man re woke that within me.

So if I could have a small wish I would choose the ability to hold back the future, rewind the past, fast forward the tears and stop at the laughter that Little Man has already had.  I am a Mummy and I think that's a very important job.