Monday, 13 June 2011

Cybermummy is just around the corner......

Wow with all the excitement with The MADS I have looked at a calender today and realised that Cybermummy is only 12 days away!! Whoop Whoop!

So with 12 days to go I thought I had better think about clothes as it's not even crossed my mind yet but then again I am still in 'young baby to look after' mode and not really following fashion (not that I ever really have to be honest)  I know I will be wearing jeans on the day but I am also going to the Friday night 'Eat, Meet and Greet' that the thoughtful Sandy has kindly organised, so will have to look at something for that.

I really should get my hair cut as well as that is in need of some TLC and for me the hardest thing is going to be choosing shoes to wear.  I am 'me' in pumps or sneakers and think this is the best thing for the day itself but when it comes to 'going out' shoes well that's harder as I never go out anywhere.

As my friend Wendy and I are leaving our babies *sobs* and braving this experience as just us, we will not only be leaving them for the first time overnight but also experiencing going out.  I believe the last time Wendy and I went out together after dark was this memorable event in 1997!! Prior to that was a 'ladies only' night that shall go unmentioned .....

So empowered by the experience we shall be but drinking I doubt.... So give me a wave if you see me or better still pop over for a chat as I am looking forward to Cybermummy and the ability to put names to blogs and meet people that I interact with regularly via Twitter and Facebook but have never met but already feel like friends. Here's to Cybermummy.