Thursday, 26 May 2011

Slimavite Diet Diary - Week 4 weigh in....

It's Thursday so that only means one thing in my house at the moment.... weigh in day!

The last week has been so so for me diet wise - I could have been more dedicated but didn't eat anything I shouldn't have - just a bit too much of what I should be, i.e 2 jacket potatoes instead of one!

My milkshake shaker also broke but those lovely people at Slimavite soon got a replacement do me so all was sorted very quickly.

When I jumped on the scales this morning I weighed 15st 4lbs - a 1lb loss this week.

So that's exactly 1 stone loss in 4 weeks. So although I am disappointed in only losing 1lb, in reality 14lbs (1 stone) over 4 weeks is actually an average of 3.5lbs per week - you can't knock that figure!

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