Monday, 16 May 2011

It's Real Nappy Week! I dare you......

I know I mention it a lot but with this week being Real Nappy Week 2011 I wanted to write a blog to raise awareness of the activities going on as part of the campaign.

As the theme is to 'share the secret' of washable nappies I want to do just that! The Real Nappy Information Service is hosting a string of events from competitions, real nappy giveaways to a request to join in and swop just one disposable a day to a real nappy - dare you take up the challenge?!

I have used washables on 3 of my 4 children and cannot recommend them enough.  I have tried many brands (see my review pages for details!) and honestly use them every day - all day! It is far from dirty, smelly nappy pails and washing all the time. I wash once a day and that's just because I am in that routine.

With such a wide range of colours and designs, real nappies are not just functional but fun as well. Then there's the environmental aspect of not filling landfills with used nappies (nice thought isn't it!) and the savings that can be made by changing to reusable washable nappies.

So why not give one a go today?  By following the link above for the Real Nappy Information Service you can get the low down on what it's all about and even join in and receive a real nappy sample to try.

Little Man shows off his real nappy!
Nappies in all shapes and sizes!