Saturday, 21 May 2011

I'm a baby.... again!

Some things just have to be done - unfortunately.

One of this things is getting my eyebrows waxed and although I do not need/want to go often for this torture it is a 'pampering' experience I dread. Why? Because I am a baby when it comes to it and have been known to cry and on another occasion leave before they were finished as I cannot under any circumstances allow plucking! I also leave the salon looking like I have been hit in the eyes as they turn bright red - I mean bright red.

To wax or not to wax?.....
It's not just eyebrows I have a problem with waxing either.I once went with some friends to a pamper day where treatments were laid on free for us.  I decided to try a bikini wax - the others were having one so I thought "how bad can it be?"

Well there I was lying on the bed,  wax was on and the strip applied and she said to prepare myself and that the first strip would be the worst.  Well the beautician tugged and it hurt so much I sat bolt upright and she had to put her hand out to stop me jumping straight off the bed! I would rather go through childbirth than a bikini wax so that gives you some idea!

Today, whilst shopping with pre-teen, I found myself in a large department store which happened to have a walk-in nail bar that also did eyebrows.  I knew mine were in need of some order so I asked prices and saw that they offered 'threading' for eyebrows.  The girl said she was told that some people found it less painful and the redness went quicker. I decided to give it a whirl as I was confident I would not cry in front of a store full of strangers.

Threading is the process of removing body hair using cotton threads and it is quite amazing to watch a professional in action.  The sensation was strange and I could actually feel the hairs falling onto my face as she worked.  With waxing you know where the strip has been applied and so that's the area that will hurt but with threading that's not the case.  I was fine to start and was pleased that I could hear no plucking sounds as she threaded - something that turns by stomach hence why the no plucking policy.  But as she continued I was starting to worry I would have to tell her to stop and bottle out of any more. Then she stooped - the lower brow was done already and the top was next and I have to say it was less painful. Certainly not enjoyable but acceptable.

The second eyebrow was the same with the lower brow being just within my pain tolerance level (strange bearing in mind I have had 4 children with no pain relief other than gas and air). But within 10 minutes of starting I was shown the results in the mirror and the redness was certainly less than I had experienced with waxing and I had survived - and no tears!!

I may just try it again next time and I have to say the results are just as good but without the stares of horror as people pass me in the street after having an eyebrow wax and see my bright red sore eyes!

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