Tuesday, 24 May 2011

How to get what you want and not care if you influence people!

As the title suggests this is a guide to get what you want and not care of the consequences - well that is according to my daughter of course.

As (I hope ??!!) a typical female pre-teen, my daughter is going through some changes.  These are on all levels from moving to 'high school' and hormonal changes and the worst for us - attitude changes! So here is a definitive list to ensure you get what and when you want....

* Become moody, sullen and quiet at the drop of a hat and for no reason.

* Murmur underneath your breathe at all opportunities about whomever is speaking at the time.

* Slam whatever door is nearest to get the 'I'm in a mood' attitude across.

* Bicker constantly especially with younger brother and then when he retaliates call 'MUM!' to sort it out.

* Constantly 'need' anything and always 'want' everything.

* Cry and blame others when you have had a part to play in events.

* Strop at all opportunities and with as much attitude as you can - effect is everything!

* Say "but so and so are going/doing/allowed" whenever possible.

* Shrug and say "yeah in a minute" or the favourite "can't be bothered" when asked to do something.

* 'Talk' with your eyebrows - raising them at whatever is being said.

* If the above don't work then apologise (quietly preferably murmured) and then make parents a cup of tea.

I may have missed some of the guidelines out but that is the main rules of the game.

Needless to say as a parent the exact opposite is what works and it never fails to amuse and frustrate me that the guide above is followed before this clicks into place! I do not know whether it is just girls, I don't remember this with my eldest son, or my daughters generation are just 'this way' but as far as tough roles go - parenting is one of the toughest. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!