Sunday, 1 May 2011

Diet Diary - day 4 update....

So I have been using Slimivate for 4 days now and here's the story so far....

Day 1:
As I mentioned on my last post, I have never used a meal replacement diet product before and I was a bit cautious at first.  The milkshake tub I decided to open first was the strawberry one.  It smelled ok and as the tubs had been supplied with a very handy mixing container (complete with a metal spiral mixing ball!) I knew getting the measurements correct wouldn't be a problem.

I mixed my first milkshake and when mixed it turned into a thick frothy shake and to be honest didn't taste that bad either. Ok so it's not a McD's strawberry thickshake but that's only to be expected!

So far so good. For my evening meal I made Spaghetti Bolognaise with Quorn Mince.

Day 2:
Shake for breakfast and then we headed off for some family photos to be taken. On impulse I decided to take the children for Pizza buffet for lunch and forgot about the diet!! Argh!! I had had 3 slices of pizza and some pasta when I suddenly registered - can't believe I forgot. Although it is obviously not recommended to eat pizza takeaway as a meal I made sure I had my lunchtime milkshake for my evening meal and crossed my fingers that I hadn't done too much damage so early on.

Day 3:
Rather than do what I normally would on a diet and give up as I had messed up the day before, I stuck like glue to the recommended plan today. 2 shakes and then Jacket potato, boiled egg and salad for tea - No salad dressing needless to say. I love salad so no hardship and filled my plate with greenery and carrots. I have to say I struggled at first with using the Slimavite Bite Builder meal planner but will persevere. Everything new takes a small amount of time to become accustomed to.

Day 4:
Stayed in bed late as my back is playing up again and so missed my breakfast milkshake. Had a shake at about 2pm and then for my evening meal I made lentil bolognaise - my favourite meal! Haven't felt hungry at all today which is fantastic.  I even went out for afternoon tea with friends and just drank a diet coke - no scone for me! Proud of that.

So all in all, so far so good (ok except for the diet memory lose on Day 2). Can't wait til I weigh myself on Day 7....