Monday, 11 April 2011

So what's in your fridge?

I am a fridge over stocker and I hold my hands up to it! I love to have loads of flavours and tastes to hand and so my fridge is choc full of the weird and wonderful.  My neighbour once described it as 'posh' food i.e no chicken nuggets or cold pizza in mine - judge for yourselves as to whether it's posh.  To me it's delicious, tasty and normal grub.

So here goes - arrrgghh!

Main part of fridge
Bearing in mind I do my main food shop on a Wednesday, the main shelves of my fridge hold:

Jar of Branston Pickle
Bottle of 'lighter than light' Mayonnaise
Bottle of Levi Roots Sauce  (Love you Levi!)
Tub (nearly empty) of Margarine
Some plum tomatoes
No Added Sugar ready to eat jelly
Edam cheese
Provamel Soya Desserts
Steak pie (Jamie's!! Hate all things like this - ex vegetarian longing to be so again)

A Butternut squash
2 lots of asparagus (my favourite!)
Sweet potato

Now here's the fridge door - best sit down!

Condiment Queen doesn't cover it!
Ok starting at the bottom:
Milk (skimmed - me)
Milk (full fat - Jamie/Jared)
Apple Juice
Rice Milk
2 cartons of Cracker fruit juice
Packet of Lloyd Grossman pasta sauce
Tommy K (as pre-teen calls it - Tomato Ketchup to you and me)
Brown sauce
Sweet Chilli sauce
Relish (tomato and Jalapeño)
Cheese Spread
yoghurt drinks
yet more relish (piri piri and curry this time)
Salad cream
Lime Pickle
Cheese 'ends'
Rice Dream chocolate milk carton
and finally Philadelphia

So not much 'real food' but loads of sauces seems to jump out to me. As I usually cook from scratch there are no ready meals or 'junk' so to speak - just ask my kids - they moan about it constantly! So nothing in my eyes that is out of the ordinary....

So dare you open your fridge to the world?? x