Friday, 15 April 2011

Reasons to be cheerful - 1,2,3

I sadly have had to miss an event today that I won tickets to, the Fina Diving Championships in Sheffield as I have no-one to watch Little Man and his brother - sad for me as this would have been a great event to see.

Sometimes it's something that gets you down that gets you thinking about all the things you have that are - Reasons to be Cheerful......

1) Today is the first day of the Easter school holidays for us - hurray!! No lift shares, no having to cajole the kids out of bed and into the bathroom, no making packed lunches and most importantly time to spend together with the smallest 3 children - Come on sunshine!

2) I have been having a few 'dark days' recently and thankfully they seem to have passed - another hurray!!
I hate being down and usually it is without real reason so here's to lighter, happier days.

3)  I am due to call and catch up with my eldest son today - 3rd hurray!! I do miss him (he is away at college) and we don't get to talk everyday.  A small telephone conversation keeps me up to date and makes me smile..

So these are my reasons to be cheerful, ok so no big holiday plans, events or surprises but it's the small things that count.

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