Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Movie meme (week 8) World Movies

Hannah has made the theme for this weeks Movie meme World Movies.  And I thought other weeks have been hard!!

I do not tend to watch movies with subtitles as I find that I miss the action as I read the sub-title, so I have gone with a film that I have seen in it's original format, and in my opinion is better than the folllow up American non-subtitled remake.

Ju-On (The Grudge)

The storyline is this. In Japan it is said that when someone dies in extreme rage or sorrow, the emotion remains and can 'taint' that place. Death then becomes a part of that place and kills everything it touches.

This original version is sub-titled but to be honest you forget about them very quickly as the film itself is very easy to follow and the actors are very convincing,  It is in places a 'hold your breath' horror that the 2004 american sequel comes close to but doesn't quite capture, perhaps that because Sarah Michelle Geller was too well known as 'Buffy' for us to believe her acting - I don't know?!

The Japanese version is enough to make you jump and go hide and it is the realisation that evil does exist that makes the movie for me and a lot of the scenes are darkly eerie. As Holly-wood horrors tend to be built on the characters within them this film makes you look at films in a different way as with Ju-On the whole film is based on the ambiance of fear rather than it being seen through a character. It resists the usual Hollywood gore in every scene style and instead builds on the tension within the film and is filmed in a way that gives you a sense of terror without the blood.

Here's a taster:

Worth renting just don't say I didn't warn you......