Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Movie meme (Week 7) The 80's

Thank you Hannah! I have just spent the last 45 minutes re-living my teens as I sought inspiration for this weeks Movie meme.

The first film that screams 80's at me is The Goonies - 'Hey you guys!!' but upon further perusal it has to a film that I feel in love with as an 11 year old girl.  The soundtrack, the moves and especially the  lead role actor Adolfo Quinones (I was 11 for pity's sake)

Breakdance The Movie (1984)

Now this film really touched me, my naive dream as a pre-teen was that I wanted to be a dancer on a cruise ship (stop laughing!) and so a movie with such raw and talented dancers in was like a dream come true.  The soundtrack was awesome and to this day my favourite song is still 'Aint Nobody by Chaka Khan'

I wrote this post with Pre-teen watching and in her words  'The 80's are cool, love those Converses, and I so want to see that film now' When I look back at it - yes the actors were dancers not actors and this shows in a forgiveable way once they start the moves.  The budget was obviously very low but again the whole feel of the movie was somehow new and uncut with an edgy feel to it.  I spent my days trying to 'lock' like the dancers and trying to convince my Mum that I needed a pair of high top Converses (scary as Pre-teen is on my case for the very same thing at the moment!!)

The best dance scene in the movie for me is the dance Turbo does with the broom.....

The dance battles were as Pre-teen would say 'sic' and it really started a whole movement towards Hip Hop, Locking and Popping and had us all spinning like marooned turtles on our backs on the floor of our Dads garage on top of a cardboard box.  So many happy memories and no swearing, sex or weapons that I can remember - come back 1984 you were a great movie year for me!