Saturday, 9 April 2011

Makes me mad!! A pet hate of mine....

A feel like a quick rant if it's ok with you!! Here goes....

Dear Multi-million turnover supermarket,

Following a visit to a store today, how come I have to take your uncomfortable, don't feel safe or look safe for a baby, supermarket trolleys to your 'Customer Service' (note the hyphens) to ask for it to be cleaned BEFORE I put my baby in it??

'Customer Service' staff then hands ME the cleaning spray and a cloth for ME to clean (no I am not too good to clean but shouldn't they be apologising and trying to help out the customers?) and then once I have cleaned it there is no apology or even the suggestion that it will be raised to a higher member of staff - Little Man is 6 months old so germs are still a reality but much small babies use these same trolleys to. What happened to 'Customer Service'?

No not the dreaded plastic nappy changing unit!

Dear Multi-million turnover fast food outlet/restaurant

Why is it that you always fail to get your cleaners to actually CLEAN the pull down out of the wall, my baby hates it, looks really uncomfortable plastic baby changing unit??  In a huge majority of cases these units always look grubby, dirty and would probably be cleaner to use the floor to change a child on!!  I lose count of the times I have had to ask a member of staff to come and clean the unit BEFORE I change a nappy on it, and that I still then put my own small portable changing mat on it?

Am I asking too much or is it just that my standards are too high - would love your thoughts.....