Thursday, 17 March 2011

Party, party, party - that's the type of girl I am!!

Well so long as it's a Twitter party that is!!
British Mummy Bloggers put a call out to say they were having a  #springcleaning Twitter party on March 10th to be sponsored by Rentokil where BMB members could tweet their spring cleaning tips and be entered into a competition to win a fantastic grand prize of an intensive spring clean for their home by professional cleaners, and 2 runners up  prizes of a basket of cleaning and pest control products -  not something to be sniffed at!

Being a bit of a 'How clean is your House' watcher I thought I would join in the fun and learn some great tips at the same time - not bad for a one hour party. Well the party was fast and furious with fantastic cleaning hints jumping into my Twitter feed every few seconds, I barely had time to read them before the next one - thank goodness for the #springcleaning hash tag so I could go back and read them all! Some of the great idea's from Rentokil included:

Within the hour there were approximately 1350 tweets using the #springcleaning tag, from a total of over 500 contributors.  Amazing!! But even more amazing was that #springcleaning trended TWICE during that hour - go bloggers and tweeters!! Here are just some of the fantastic tips I picked up:

** Vinegar can be used (1 part vinegar – 1 part water) as a disinfectant on countertops, bathrooms and       floors.
**  Use babywipes to clean leather sofas.
**  Use baby oil to make stainless steel (i.e, front of stove) really shiny! 
**  Clean the leaves of plants using a cotton wall ball soaked in milk - you'll be amazed at the dirt and dust it removes (one of my own handy hints I submitted!)

I am proud of have been a part of those figures and I was also one of the top 5 contributors and I think it shows the power of social media sites and also the comradery of British Mummy Blogger members. If you fancy reading any of the submitted hints just use the hash tag #springcleaning on Twitter. And what about those prizes??  Well let's just say I will have a very clean house and be a very happy Mummy Blogger thanks to Bottle PR and Rentokil :-)