Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Movie meme (Week 6 ) Chick Flicks

Hannah at Metal Mummy has chosen Chick Flicks for the theme of this weeks Movie meme, and the first thing that sprang to mind was the gorgeous Gerard Butler in PS I love You, but this week instead of choosing by the actor I decided to mull it over.  As a girl that doesn't really watch many Chick Flicks I thought through the ones I had seen and this brought me to my choice for this week.

I have chosen a little known film called Crush that came out in 2001. It stars Andie McDowell (more famous now for her lack of 'deep set wrinkles' thanks to advertising) and the surmise is this:

3 great friends, all single, through divorce, experience or bad luck all get together each week to chat about why they are single and how they wish they weren't. Kate (McDowell) is a teacher and by chance meets Jed, who is a now twenty-something handsome ex student of hers. They begin an affair and Kate's friends dimiss Kate and Jed's feelings for each other as a silly crush so much so that Kate's friend Molly attempts to prove Jed's faithlessness by seducing him, which fails but angers Kate. After an argument about their future, Jed rushes out of Kate's house and is struck and killed by a passing truck!!!!. This unexpected tragedy brings the three friends closer together.

The story continues as Kate finds herself pregnant with the now deceased Jed's baby and it becomes a story of the support and friendship the 3 friends share.

Fantastic Chick Flick, all the ingredients, friends, love , jealousy, cute guy (never saw the actor in any other film which was a shame), tragedy, tears, love.

Here's a little snippet for those that like the sound of it (OVER 18'S PLEASE!):

Although I still do not think Andie McDowell is a fantastic actress the storyline is a real tear-jerker - go on rent it but buy tissues at the same time.......even better send the men to the pub and watch it with your girl friends.