Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Movie meme (Week 5) My favourite actor

Can't believe we are at week 5 of Metal Mummys movie meme! This week the theme has been given as your favourite actor.  I hold my hands up and confess that my actors choice is chosen in a shallow and image related way rather than choosing them for how many BAFTA's or awards they have won - so shoot me....

As a teenager I was besotted with the then (in my eyes) muscle hunk Sylvester Stallone. Those arms! Those eyes! Those muscles! He made a young teenage heart beat faster I can tell you! I still cry whenever I see Rocky, in the sequence where he has won his fight and shouts to Aidrian that he loves her - it's not what he says at all, its the music in the background that makes me come over all emotional - big softie me.

Although he may appear monosyllabic, he's a clever chappie having written many of the films he starred in and the initial idea for the Rocky films was written by him in just 3 days. Sly is now in his 60's and sadly overdone it on the surgery (in my opinion) so fickle me has superseded him with Jason Statham (**swoons**)

I first saw that cheeky cockney style smile of Jason Statham in Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels - hated that film but watched it just for him! In the Transporter trilogy I find myself watching him rather than the film, as in a suit he looks gorgeous... Can you see a theme to my favourite actors - muscles, biceps, dark eyes??

I love my men to be men in films and he certainly is all man! He has a gorgeous smile and any man that can do the splits and high kick like that gets my vote.

So I am sorry my choice is not based on their contribution to the film industry, talent and ability for if it had have been it would have gone to Dustin Hoffman. My apologies Mr Hoffman.