Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Movie meme (week 4) Leonardo Dicaprio

Well this weeks Movie meme is the hardest yet for me! Dear Metal Mummy has asked for blogs about the actor Leonardo Dicaprio and I have to say he is not one of my favourite actors at all and so here goes...

When I think of Leonardo Dicaprio the first vision that springs to my mind is him stood behind Kate Winslet, arms outstretched aboard the ill-fated Titanic.  This was a major film break for him I believe but for me his bad accent was too much and I would rate this as a film I would hate to have to watch again - boo hiss I hear from you all - sorry but it was so cheesy, even though Kate Winslet was, in my opinion great in it.  I have found it hard until recently to take Mr Dicaprio seriously as an actor and his 'never seems to look old enough to play that role' looks don't help either. I steered well clear of The Beach  and Romeo and Juliette left me cold.

However I have to say I did like him in Blood Diamond better and he had definitely been working on his accents for that one- thankfully! I then missed any of his films until Shutter Island which I tried to watch 3 times and fell asleep at various points on all occasions and so in the end managed to see the whole film in 3 different sections - however I think I would have liked to watch it start to finish should Blockbusters not charge such huge late fee fines!!

I am (and probably in the minority here) yet to see Inception, which I have been told by my son is an 'awesome' film - I shall set myself  the target of seeing it sooner rather than later, I am prepared to eat my words on his acting ability to date.

I apologise to all Leonardo Dicaprio fans - It's not personal just my own personal taste - give me Jason Statham any day.