Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Movie meme (Week 3) Directors

Thanks again to Hannah at Metal Mummy for the theme of this weeks Movie meme.  I am enjoying this!

Harder for me this week with the theme being Directors, as so many great films spring to mind instantly but can you remember the director of them? I can instantly say I am not keen on Quentin Tarantino's movies but a best is harder, but after much thought on great movies I have seen over the years - my favourite is Alfred Hitchcock.

As I mentioned in last weeks meme I was brought up with black & white films and amongst those that stood out in my memory were those of the great Mr Hitchcock. Fantastically dark and full of suspense those films always kept you watching and usually had a twist in the tail just when you thought you had the storyline worked out.

Alfred Hitchcock was actually born in London and earned the nickname 'The Master of Suspense' when it came to his directing.  Who hasn't seen Psycho??

According to the internet Hitchcock directed 67 films in his career including The Birds in 1963, Rebecca in 1940, Rear Window in 1954 (although Johnny Depp did a remake of this in recent years)

The thing I loved about his films, and I am yet to see them all is the twisting storyline that has a way of carrying you along on the journey the Director wants you to go on and then rudely dumps you and changes it all about and sends you in a completely different direction again - not many films or directors can do that these days even with the multi-million pound budgets.  Another part that appeals to me about Hitchcock's films is his cameo appearances in them. Hitchcock made a total of 39 cameo's in his films and this became part of his signature and fans would try and spot him in the films.  He could be buying a newspaper, sitting on a bus or just out for a walk but he is there somewhere!

Check out his full filmography and catch up with some great classic suspense films that keep you guessing to the end.