Thursday, 3 March 2011

Movie meme (week 2) Black & White

Caught sight of this lovely meme over on Metal Mummys blog and it's all about one of my favourite subjects - films...

Although a  favourite genre is horror films it is only just pipped at the post for first place by the classic black & white films. I was brought up watching them with my Mum who loved them all especially the musicals and some of my most treasured memories of my pre-teen years was snuggled up with my Mum on the sofa watching Judy Garland or Micky Rooney dance or sing away - they always seemed to need to put on a show and they really were the first ever 'High School Musical's' of their day.

My all time favourite film however is from my favourite actress Bette Davis, who was just so fantastic at playing so many different roles and it was hard to choose just one....

NOW VOYAGER (1942) has been choosen for pure romance, fantastic 1940's glamour, excellent storyline and the classic line 'oh Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon - we have the stars!' and just prior to that Jerry puts 2 cigerettes between his lips, lights them both and hands one to her... no such things as government health warnings in those days!! 

Watch the classic scene - oh the romance!!!

For those that haven't seen it then I would recommend it, sit down relax and grab a box of tisuues - that's Hollywood entertainment at his black & white best.