Saturday, 12 March 2011

Listography - Retro Sweets

Oh I saw a great Listography that I just had to join in with - hope you don't mind Wendy!!!

Gone are the days when every shop sold sweets in  jars to be measured out in front of eagerly awaiting, sugar starved children. Charlie s was our local shop where I grew up and the shelves were stacked with row after row of brightly coloured sugary treats peeking out from plastic jars....The noise they made as they fell out into the metal scales is etched on my childhood memory!!

So here are my 5 favourites in no particular order, some of which will definitely show my age:

Texan Bar

Now who doesn't remember this little 70's gem? The advert tag line was 'sure is a mighty chew' to my memory. They did make a short-lived return in 2005 but were smaller sadly - bring them back Nestle!!

Space Dust

My Mum hated me having this as she claimed it made me buzz like a child possessed as did Jaffa things and anything else sugar ladened (Still does if I am honest) Our local Ice Cream van started to sell it so I got banned from him - aged 8 sadly.

Fish and Chips

I used to love white chocolate when I was smaller (not so now strangely) and the fish and chips were a favourite of mine and had a different taste to white mice. Love the 'crisps' of the same era also called Fish and Chips - do you remember them - the packet was made to look like a newspaper wrapper.


 I remember these having a cartoon in the wrapper and that if you were found with 'Bubbly Gum' in my school you were suspended such was the habit of bored, spotty kids leaving blobs of chewed gum stuck under the tables of our comprehensive - nice, not!

and finally....Chocolate Tools

 In the same vein as Fish and Chips these chunky chocolate delights were sold singularly and used to provide a great game of chocolate snap with my friends - so easily pleased us children of the 70's.

Well I have enjoyed my trip down sweet memory lane - now where's those Bon Bons??