Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Now that's what I call therapy!

Blogging in general has become almost a form of therapy for me.

Introduced to the idea by Wendy at Inside the Wendy House I was totally new to the concept and thought I would never get anything from it - Wrong!!  It is a place where I can express myself freely and in any style I choose with the theme left to my own decision - it is, in essence, free reign, something that is these days rare in most everyday formats.

I enjoy the ability to instantly be able to write down an event, thought or moment where it will be able to be re-read and re-lived in the future.  Photo's are precious to the process also, for they tell a story in an instant and can say something that otherwise would be perhaps missed in words.  I have learnt a lot about myself through my blogs and sometimes have been able to get something 'out of my head' by simply blogging about it - a like to think of it as online writing therapy.

Having suffered with depression in the past, my counsellor at the time suggested I write down my thoughts/fears/worries onto paper and then burn them. It is meant to allow you to be able to put the burden on to the paper and remove it from your head to be destroyed along with the paper it is written on -  I never did!  Blogging is my attempt at that (without the need for Swan Vesta's). In short getting it out on 'paper' is relaxing for me and so I will be doing a lot more of it - Why not try it yourself and see what you think?..........