Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Blue Fresian cover star !!! Our competition win.

I was really pleased when I won a personalised magazine cover from the Blue Friesian on Facebook.

Having a young baby gives you the urge to put photos of them everywhere so this seemed a perfect way to do just that!.  I logged onto Blue Friesians website to see the choices and I have to say I was impressed.  The choice of magazine covers available suited all types of occasions and commemorative events from births, weddings to special holidays.  The prices were very reasonable also starting from £10.00.

Blue Friesian also offer personalised 8 or 12 page glossy magazines so you could cover a whole event in one special place - what a great gift for a newly married couple on their return from honeymoon or for a new Mum! The gift possibilities are endless.

I choose a 'Hallo' magazine cover.  The Blue Friesian software is user friendly as it prompts you for text at every stage it is needed. A pre filled magazine is there for guidance (and idea's) and the photo upload is quick, although I did have to resize my photos to fit the designated area.  Blue Friesian are looking to bring on board a facility next month that allows photos to be manipulated and cropped after uploading rather than before, and the ability to upload multiple photos at once to save in their library for use at any stage in your magazines creation. I feel this will only make the process better.

I can't wait to get the hard copy of my magazine in the post - hardest part will be deciding where it can be put for maximum exposure, although you can have a digital version of your magazine to print at home.

Go and have a look at their site and see what wonderful memories you can create.