Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year madness..

What is it about the New Year that fills me with such optimism? I have this huge urge to paint, clean, scrub and run round like a headless chicken each January. Although this rarely encroaches on February I love the way New Year makes me feel, like everything before that's wrong can be righted and all that was not done can suddenly be fixed and the biggest possibility - that I will lose the weight I put on with my recent pregnancy.

If I could bottle the feeling I have right now, having cleaned the oven, washed every floor, cleaned the dishwasher (yes really!) and put away all the decorations and Christmas trinkets I would make a fortune -I feel somehow cleansed.

I have filled in diary appointments and put up calenders in an almost 'women possessed' way.  The only sad part of it all is knowing that being human this will not last forever and I will soon be back to the last minute running around trying to cope when I have overstretched myself (again)  I rarely do anything in moderation and I sit now typing this with a baby in one arm and typing with the spare hand - a modern mother some may say.

Well I shall enjoy it while it lasts and unlike the song - I wish it could be New Year every day.....

Happy New Year x