Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back to chaos - how time flies.

Picture this - you roll over in a warm and toasty half-slumber to see the clock says 7.45am and the radio presenters are happily chirping away with no concern that they did not wake you up and you are LATE, LATE, LATE!

I, like many of you, have children returning to school this morning so the following may sound like your morning so far filled with "But where are they?" and "But you should know where they are?"

Little Man (3 month old bundle of snuggles) was still sleeping peacefully in his cot at 7.45 this time and had not stirred for a feed  so the back up baby alarm had not alerted me to the dawn of the first school day. We are all now queueing for the bathroom (we have a downstairs loo but the kids wont use it - strange beings at times) OH is taking priority as he starts work before we leave for school so as he is unable to function in the mornings at the best of times, I go and throw some lunch together for him - literally!

The children are now getting dressed and so we are back on the ball (hmmmm) Little Man is brought down and woken for a quick bottle and we even have 10 minutes left for breakfast - wow.  But then one child can't find shoes and it's my fault as I must have moved them - of course silly me ;-) I am now being told by 'the shoeless one' they can't go to school or they will get in trouble (as if I would let them stay off because shoes are missing) We all run round looking in cupboards and under tables for the lost shoes and I advise them to put anything on and I will write an excuse note - then the penny drops!.....

Before the Christmas break 'the shoeless one' stayed at a friends house, now I know where the shoes are!  A quick phone call later and shoes are going to be brought to school so calm returns.  Even better my lift share says they are free to do the morning run if I am interested - am I!  15 minutes later and little darlings are loaded into their car and off to school and no-one would know the chaos that has been before  - except you all know now of course.

Happy first day of school, sit back and enjoy a cup of tea in silence before anything else - you have a stressed mother's permission xx