Tuesday, 18 January 2011

7 things about me!!

Thanks to Wendy who tagged me in the 7 things meme!

Hmmmm 7 things, now let me see......

1)  I had my first child at 18 and here we are 18 years later and I have just had my 4th child.
2) I am the youngest of 4 children, my eldest brother is 21 years older than me.
3) I am a closet enviromentalist! I recycle everything and if I can afford the environmentally friendly version of anything, I will get that one.
4) I need to lose 3 stone of 'just had a baby' weight - not any easy task especially as my husband brought me home flowers and a box of chocs tonight...
5) I cancelled the appointment to get my baby registered 15 mins before as I changed my mind on the middle name I had chosen and couldn't stop crying 'but that's not his name, it's just not right'.
6) I have suffered with low self esteem in many forms from depression to feeling incapable of doing anything 'right' - as if there is a 'right'!
7) I love using exclamation marks!!!

Well there you have it, no great skeletons from the closet - sorry!

I now duly tag:

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