Thursday, 25 November 2010

What a carry on!!

As you will see from my profile I have 4 children. In the weeks since I have had my new baby, 'Little Man', I have lost count of the times people have said "I don't know how you do it I can't cope with everything just having 2!".  I have to say that this morning has been a morning where I don't know how other people manage having more than 2 children either.

The day started with a murmuring from the Moses basket at 4am - strange as usually I wouldn't be woken until at least 5.30am. I sorted out his feed, changed him and he was back in bed within the hour. Here's where the trouble started.....

Because I normally would get up and start the day after his 5.30 feed, I instead went back to sleep - mistake!! The radio went on at 6.20 as usual but I was oblivious to it, At  7.30am my OH jumps out of bed in a panic - because although he denies it to all, he puts the clock radio on to go off at 6.20am but he relies on me to keep nagging him til 7am to get up. As I am asleep 'the wife' alarm has failed to go off! He is now complaining that he has to leave in 5 minutes for work with no flask or hot lunch.  I understand the cue and whilst making a bottle for Little Man (who is now coming up for needing another feed) I make a flask and heat food in the micro for lunch - Extra job number 1.

As the children commute to school we have to leave at 8.15am to collect our lift-share and head off, at 8.05 I am still undressed, unwashed and the baby is refusing the last part of his food, along with this only 1 child is up and dressed - now the 'Mum alarm' is busy elsewhere so has not sounded. I grab a pair of trousers from the washing pile for me (will get round to that sometime today hopefully) and any top I can find. Trousers have pasta sauce spilled on them and the top is not one I would go out in but hey I can stay in the car and no-one will see me. There is no time to brush hair or teeth let alone have a drink.  Having cajoled the children into getting ready we are off.

Lift share collected and 3/4 of way to school, my son asks 'have you got my PE Kit?", which of course is mine to sort! As he failed to bring it home from school I tell him it's there. With me staying in car (dirty trousers) the kids are delivered to school.

Once home the baby needs his nappy changing (I use washables - another blog on this to follow) so I head upstairs to start.  I start the nappy to find his babygrow is damp so grab a change of clothes.  Once the dirty nappy is off I discover the cotton liner for his nappy is downstairs on the drying rack. Tala into cot, back downstairs - Extra trip 1.  I grab the liner and head back upstairs only to find the waterproof outer for the nappy is dirty and the clean one is, you guessed it, downstairs, Little Man back into cot, back downstairs - Extra trip 2. Once up again I find Little Man has now decided to wee and as we all know little boys are like hoses. Now the Moses basket mattress and covers need washing - Extra job number 2.

An hour later and Little Man is feed, changed, played with and back asleep. I am still in dirty trousers, unbrushed hair and teeth but have finally managed to get a cup of coffee.  This is one of those days..... we all have them and although I stress at the time I do find them like a Carry on film, I am just waiting for what mess/spill/disaster is coming next.

This to me is what modern mothers with 'larger' families are facing every day.  We are a unique breed that need understanding husbands (mine once said "so what have you done today" innocently - he uses other words to ask if I had a good day now!!) good friends or neighbours to share our days of woe with and to hear about their's so we know we are not the only ones that have them. I am grateful I have both of these  and the knowledge that rarely do we get 2 of these days in a row..... here's to tomorrow.....

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Hi there. As you can see I am new to the virtual world of blogging. I plan to use this virtual space as a way of sharing my experience, ramblings and good idea's (as well as hopefully my blogging friends)

I love the idea that I can have a place that I can show to my children a record of their achievements, funny episodes and all that makes them special to me, and be able to share that that with others at the same time.

I hope to be able to meet new people and fellow 'Mummies that blog' and acquire a totally new way of communicating with the world - not bad for a 37 year old Mum of 4!

Looking forward to blogging.........