Sunday, 26 December 2010

A time for reflection.....

As we amble closer to a New Year, I look back at the last year with perhaps not total joy for every moment but with a sense of achievement.

Earlier in the year I gave birth to a gorgeous (though I do say so myself) baby boy who has filled our family with such love and wonder I forget how we felt without him.  Little Man is a blessing which makes my marriage 'complete' and a true joy.  I thank my husband for our son and for his support through my long, stressful and exhausting pregnancy.

My older children I thank (though not at all times!) for being unique and for welcoming their sibling in such a loving, non-jealous way and for the love they show for him every day - even if it is at 7am when one of them just 'pops' in to see if the baby is awake.....hence the comment not at all times.

I smile when I think of my friends and apologise for any missed, forgotton or shortened phonecalls during this year and know they will all understand and for that very fact I am able to call them 'friends' for friends are people who do not get 'huffy'when you forget a call or have to go suddenly mid conversation. They do not hold grudges and you can speak to them after 3 months of not speaking and catch up as though it was yesterday when you last spoke. My only New Years resolution this year is to see my closer friends more often and to speak to the further ones more often.

Friends and family are what makes us who we are and who helps pick us up when we trip.  I have low days and a simple smile from Little Man or a loving text from my husband can often make those days shorter.  I do believe that without these people my life would not be as rich - Thanks to you all xx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Boys first Christmas countdown....